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Name: Christy Leigh Guerra

School: School of hard knocks...just kidding. Seton Hall University.

Authors you read: Richard Russo, Ann Patchett, Sylvia Plath, Rich Mullins, Nikki Giovanni, Sherman Alexie, and assorted others.

Books you recommend: "Bel Canto," Ann Patchett, "Poetry 180," ed. Billy Collins

What do you write?: I write because I feel as though if I don't, a voice inside me will go mute...a very important voice. Oh wait...the question said "what"...oh, poetry. I can't really write fiction at all.

Why are you here?: Here as in Earth? I guess to exist, on one level...I'm really sure why I'm anywhere. Maybe it's so I understand the importance and non-importance of things, maybe it's so I meet other people and affect/are affected by them...however, I am "here" in this community to share my work and to learn how to give and take criticism correctly - and also to see where people are at in the literary world. Also, it is my belief that all the famous writers had their own communities, and if we are to be famous in any way, it must be through the idea of community, which we have here. Okay? Hehe.

Have you ever transcended time and space?: "Yes. No. Uh, time, not space... No, I don't know what you're talking about." (I Heart Huckabees)...but for real, no.

If you were one ingredient in a salad, what would you be and why?: I would like to be the tomato, because I like tomatoes in real life and they cheer me up. I like to think I cheer people up, too.

If you could have written any book in the world, which one would it be?: "Harriet the Spy." It moved mountains for me as a kid.

If Heaven exists, what do you want to hear God say to you?: I think I don't want Him to say anything. I think I just want a big hug.
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