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Please fill out the questionnaire in your first post so that we can get to know you:
Name: Jess
School: Seton Hall
Authors you read: Banana Yoshimoto, Don Delilo, Michael Ondaatje,Alice Sebold, Audrey Nefenegger, George Orwell, new items on the New York Times bestseller list...
Books you recommend: White Noise by Don Delilo, Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Nefenegger, Life of Pi, The Alchemist
What do you write?: Short creative nonfiction
Why are you here?: Because I haven't written in a while and I am losing my skills
Have you ever transcended time and space?: Every time I am in Gray's class
If you were one ingredient in a salad, what would you be and why?: baco-bits, because they are little nasty bits of flavor that are made from artificial ingredients
If you could have written any book in the world, which one would it be?: The English Patient
If Heaven exists, what do you want to hear God say to you?: You are doing just fine on Earth, keep up the good work.
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