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planet Z (A+ if you get the reference)

Name: Elizabeth; bc if you're naughty.
School: Bloomsburg University for undergrad // Seton Hall for grad
Authors you read: Toni Morrison, David Sedaris, Kevin Brockmeier,
Books you recommend: The Truth About Celia, Song of Solomon, Their Eyes Were Watching God
What do you write?: I dabble in both fiction and nonfiction; usually, there is some type of blend. I enjoy writing about my family the most because of the bittersweet qualities. I tend to be more humorous in person, and much more "real" in my writing.
Why are you here?: I made this community so that I can continue to write stories and get feedback. It's really for my friends, but I can deal with others joining, too. I'm on earth because...well, I don't know. I've had my times of death, and I guess there's just more for me to do. At the very least, there's more homework to be done and graded.
Have you ever transcended time and space?: That's a story that you're just not ready for at this time.
If you were one ingredient in a salad, what would you be and why?: I would be the egg; I'm loved by some -- not all, I'm no good for others, and I'm cracked (bad pun, I know).
If you could have written any book in the world, which one would it be?: The Bible -- that way, if anyone had questions, I could clarify.
If Heaven exists, what do you want to hear God say to you?: Your parents were wrong; I do still love you.
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