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First Prompt!


Beth has given me permission to post the first prompt for the community! We have a week to follow either one (or both) of these, to be posted for commenting.

Prompt #1a: Write about a noise - or a silence - that won't go away.

Prompt #1b: Describe the longest, happiest, or most excrutiating hour of your life without using abstractions such as fear, death, love, happy, upset, confused. Instead, infuse the piece with concrete words such as chair, coffee, crooked, flavor, sand, shingles, crack. Avoid words like pain and embrace words like pane. If you can't see it, touch it, smell it, hear it, or taste it, leave it.

- You must write a response to one of these prompts.
- It can be in any form (short story, essay, long-fic, poem).
- When you post, tag your entry with "prompt #1" and the topic your story is about, so we can have them in
a nice little archive.
- Have fun! We love you!
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